Sunday, May 6, 2007

Tomato Festival Weekend

In New Orleans the first weekend of May means Jazzfest. But not here. I never (rarely) give you those stereotypical views of this area.
This is a photo from the Tomato Festival in Chalmette. This is my grammar school church fair, so for me growing up this was the year's big event.
It meant funnel cakes and rides. And putting disappearing ink in water guns and chasing your friends around.
Since the storm the Tomato Festival has meant a lot more to the people of Chalmette. It was only 8 months after the storm and yet it was not canceled. It turned in to a place to meet and greet old friends again. It showed the will of the residents that didn't have homes, but still took the time out to put the fair on.
This year was the second since the storm and the 56th Tomato Festival. A chance to meet and greet old friends and enjoy food fun and great music.
If you're from around here you know that there are MANY MANY festivals of all sorts going on around this time of year. And I suspect that there is one (which ever one it is) that you wouldn't miss for the world.