Monday, February 26, 2007

Louisiana Derby Preview Day

How often do you make it down to the Fairgrounds? If you're like me the answer is not often. But I went on Louisiana Derby Preview day, and came away with this picture of the horses out of the gate. If you missed preview day you can still catch the 94th running of the Louisiana Derby on Saturday, March 10th at the fairgrounds and see these horses run again! I may just have to go. I wonder if I can still get reservations to the clubhouse.

St. Charles Mardi Gras

So was Mardi Gras 2007 back to Pre-Katrina?? I don't have the answer on official numbers of people, but I can offer a picture of St. Charles on Mardi Gras day. Enjoy!

Friday, February 9, 2007

CBD and French Quarter looking good

Considering everything that's been going on in the city, the new trash collection company is making the French Quarter and CBD clean. This photo taken this week shows the newly redone Customs House on the newly redone Canal Street. As you can see the new palm trees are up, the new sidewalks are in, and there is no trash anywhere. Now we just need to keep it up!!! And also if this one part of the city can get cleaned up maybe there is hope for other parts as well.